Everett Noel


This is Everett Noel. Some of us have known him since he was born, grew up with his folks. He is a highly skilled, self-taught hand forged knife maker living in the Sierra Foothills. Everett's interest in knives was spawned some years ago while still in middle school. He did an apprenticeship with a local blacksmith strengthening his native talent and learning old world techniques like Damascus layered steel. He needed inspiration for a project and stumbled upon knife making. He went on to further that skill primarily through watching videos and many hours of trial and error. He comes from a family of skilled artists and craftspeople. Everett made the table he works on and helped his dad, a master builder, build his workshop on the family property where he was born and lives. He is passionate about knife making and spends every bit of his free time when he's not taking his high schools classes or surfing, out in his shop. 

Everett fabricates every component of his knives, from start to finish, including the smooth wooden handle (sometimes from trees from his own property) and the leather sheathe. Each one is unique. The time and diligence required to create such works of art is evidenced in each knife. His work is available through his online shop and through Kitktitdizzi in downtown Nevada City. Take a look at the video he made below. This guy can do anything.

<< All photos by Kat Alves >>