Aimee Kibbe & Tiger Lilie


Aimee Kibbe is the middle generation of a three generation gold country family. She makes (and collects) extraordinary things, including the handmade structures that she inhabits on her off grid property outside of town. Her art can be seen all over town in various locations and in the homes of local folk. She is adept at embroidery, as is her own mother, and makes exquisite dolls, but to reduce the scope of her creativity to one medium would be fool-hearty. Everything she touches becomes a work of art, including her person which is often adorned in such a way that she is beautifully distracting. You can't buy her work in any store. If she is in a good mood and has a rapport with you, she might considerer a trade, but more often than not, she will randomly grace someone with one of her creations. 

Aimee also collects small animals and created a daughter named Tiger every bit as beautiful, creative, and fiery as her mama. If you spend any time in Nevada City, you'll see one or both of them around town....

<< All photos by Kat Alves >>